Saturday, September 26, 2015

pixelated sunset

Haven't posted anything on here in four years and haven't really been writing either. Found something I wrote earlier this year while sitting my car in Downtown Oakland and figured I'd post it up. Here goes...

pixelated sunset clouds
reflected on the monolith
& smudged on mirrored glass

refracted horizons are ablaze
with falling nighttime hues

a lightless night;
only glowing shadows
of pure white
stand & move with cat eye precision

perception descends
& cascades through my senses
Illuminating the void

truth erupts like flame
that rolls no dice

gamble, ramble, tamble
juke & jive the brambles

wolves & trees whisper
inspiration to my heart
that stands alone & stoic
a lighthouse on the shore

wild waves break
upon my indiscriminate smile

buddha dumb
i'm numb with joyful abandon
& i don't know how to surf

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