Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas on the moon

the moon the moon the moon

how can I believe that it’s a hollow ball?

when all of the starry skies are ripped away

then I can see the true fabric of this life

imagine there’s no stars

no planets

and no galaxy here

no galaxy out there

but the appearance…


fractal in and out

through twisting roller coaster vertigo

with the ears and hairs and eyeballs

all communicating fluently

to paint this picture here

but the appearance…

a mirrored jewel

a perfect wheel

ying yang, big bang

from New York to Afghanistan

from Hong Kong

to the Promised Land

Jesus, Happy Birthday, Brother Man

He told Us we’re all God’s children

you don’t have to believe him

but still you are flesh and bone as I am

I echo what I hear, that we are all the same underneath

He just came to keep it real and REMIND EVERYBODY

to Keep it REAL

and then it became all too Real

33 years

but some people remembered and some people believe

but nobody can say they have the truth

yet every human experience is a piece of the puzzle -

the never ending mystery

diggin deeper

take a multi dimensional ride
through a stellar dream
by my side through astral planes
magic carpets
melting walls
only headed to the Sun
to immolate all suffering

from under a bridge in Big Sur

you beautiful
Babylon whore

silicon valleys
in between your thighs

implanted beauty
in a naked sky

these words wrote themselves as I layed down to sleep under a bridge on my last night in Big Sur... November 2010