Saturday, September 26, 2015

pixelated sunset

Haven't posted anything on here in four years and haven't really been writing either. Found something I wrote earlier this year while sitting my car in Downtown Oakland and figured I'd post it up. Here goes...

pixelated sunset clouds
reflected on the monolith
& smudged on mirrored glass

refracted horizons are ablaze
with falling nighttime hues

a lightless night;
only glowing shadows
of pure white
stand & move with cat eye precision

perception descends
& cascades through my senses
Illuminating the void

truth erupts like flame
that rolls no dice

gamble, ramble, tamble
juke & jive the brambles

wolves & trees whisper
inspiration to my heart
that stands alone & stoic
a lighthouse on the shore

wild waves break
upon my indiscriminate smile

buddha dumb
i'm numb with joyful abandon
& i don't know how to surf

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Goochoisie

The goochoisie are out in full force this evening; the rank tainted smell of yore filling the streets once again, reminding all of us of our root chakra vibrations with a mix of pleasure and disgust. Sex - the passion, the creation, the promise, the knowledge, the vibrations of the goochoisie; it’s all undeniable, right under your nose, and painted black with rainbow spirals. Ahhh, won’t you wake on up and smell the grime with me, honey?

Trembling pirates in wheelchairs roll down the alleys at dusk, wondering about the next fix. Somewhere, in some apartment full of bedlam, there’s a prostituted body lying in a mix of pornography and phony Beetle-mania. Tired boys with lead eyelids look out the front window, waiting for their fathers to come home on a school night. Lonely fathers sit with tired beers in front of TV sets, waiting for anything but the routine. Ohhhh, where’s the true Sex, lost in the legions of the goochoisie?

Where is the true Passion? Lost with Christ as he melts into oneness with the heavenly spheres? Where is the creation? Mystified with fables?


Knowledge is rewarded. Bias is omnipresent. Vibrate to your highest goodness...

...and The Goochoisie will explode beautifully under your rainbow gaze...


Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas on the moon

the moon the moon the moon

how can I believe that it’s a hollow ball?

when all of the starry skies are ripped away

then I can see the true fabric of this life

imagine there’s no stars

no planets

and no galaxy here

no galaxy out there

but the appearance…


fractal in and out

through twisting roller coaster vertigo

with the ears and hairs and eyeballs

all communicating fluently

to paint this picture here

but the appearance…

a mirrored jewel

a perfect wheel

ying yang, big bang

from New York to Afghanistan

from Hong Kong

to the Promised Land

Jesus, Happy Birthday, Brother Man

He told Us we’re all God’s children

you don’t have to believe him

but still you are flesh and bone as I am

I echo what I hear, that we are all the same underneath

He just came to keep it real and REMIND EVERYBODY

to Keep it REAL

and then it became all too Real

33 years

but some people remembered and some people believe

but nobody can say they have the truth

yet every human experience is a piece of the puzzle -

the never ending mystery

diggin deeper

take a multi dimensional ride
through a stellar dream
by my side through astral planes
magic carpets
melting walls
only headed to the Sun
to immolate all suffering

from under a bridge in Big Sur

you beautiful
Babylon whore

silicon valleys
in between your thighs

implanted beauty
in a naked sky

these words wrote themselves as I layed down to sleep under a bridge on my last night in Big Sur... November 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

that time of day again

it's going to be that time of day soon
when the trucks steal the sun
from over the bridge

they'll come with their trailers
and haul the sun away
to a dark place

there, scientists
will strap the sun to a chair
and demand the secrets of the world

unsatisfied with the pure silence of white light,
the head scientist
will light a stick of dynamite
and invent radioactive fireworks

and I will stand here on the boardwalk
looking up at an empty sky
trying to fill the dark void in my eyes

asking of the other stars
oh where, oh where
did my pretty little sun go?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

something has got to give

Something has got to give

one of these nights
I will awaken
to a greater truth

I will mirror nature's logic

under the Stars, the Sun,
the Trees, the Clouds,
People and their Pets
Animals and their Traps,

We all are as One