Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Goochoisie

The goochoisie are out in full force this evening; the rank tainted smell of yore filling the streets once again, reminding all of us of our root chakra vibrations with a mix of pleasure and disgust. Sex - the passion, the creation, the promise, the knowledge, the vibrations of the goochoisie; it’s all undeniable, right under your nose, and painted black with rainbow spirals. Ahhh, won’t you wake on up and smell the grime with me, honey?

Trembling pirates in wheelchairs roll down the alleys at dusk, wondering about the next fix. Somewhere, in some apartment full of bedlam, there’s a prostituted body lying in a mix of pornography and phony Beetle-mania. Tired boys with lead eyelids look out the front window, waiting for their fathers to come home on a school night. Lonely fathers sit with tired beers in front of TV sets, waiting for anything but the routine. Ohhhh, where’s the true Sex, lost in the legions of the goochoisie?

Where is the true Passion? Lost with Christ as he melts into oneness with the heavenly spheres? Where is the creation? Mystified with fables?


Knowledge is rewarded. Bias is omnipresent. Vibrate to your highest goodness...

...and The Goochoisie will explode beautifully under your rainbow gaze...


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