Thursday, March 19, 2009

raindrops cover the porch
soaking the planks
one by one
and all together

my friends go fishing
they catch crawfish
and throw them on a hook
for hungry submerged vertebrates

they let them eat it
reel it in
and let them go again

this is called fishing for sport
not going hungry
they just want to have some fun

to feel the tug of life
on the other end of the line
to feel the pressure of survival
on the spinner of life and death

and throw the fish back in again
leaving just a little piercing
a scar from a game we played
together in the rain

straight to the point

today I have no time
to write a pretty line or two
so I'll just make this quick
throw off your chains
thrown down your things
they'll tell you that you're sick
but don't believe the lies
remember it is love not money
that is the tie that binds

Sunday, March 15, 2009

today's world

in today's world
there are a few things
we can all relate to
aw hell, I'm not gonna list 'em
if you can feel it
you can relate it

let's leave it at that

everybody drinks
everybody eats
everybody fucks
to stay alive

everybody lost somebody
and every now and then
we all just loose our minds

every now and then
we all get behind the controls of a tank
and nobody can stop it

but let me tell you
not all tanks are the same
mine shoots hot air
and sometimes potatoes
and I hope I never have another missle
other than my own God-given jizzle

I plainly just don't want to attack
Simply told, I won't defend your gold
but I'll defend my life, defend my liberty

in this present day
theres nothing you can do
but push ahead
have a fat breakfast
and let the world take you

point your moral compass
and let yourself go
bouncing on and on
through this present day
I'm a drop in the ocean
a tear in your eye
making a ripple
and begging to cry
tears of joy

Years of toil
to get here
chemicals boiling
all came from the soil
which came from the rocks
that nobody bought

Just a spec of cosmic dust
a fraction of all action
and I am doing what I must