Friday, February 27, 2009

thought bubble

think of the collective subconscious
as a huge thought bubble
with everyone's little thoughts
painting details in the big picture
you can keep filling in the blanks
there is more detail than anyone knows
and if you count the thoughts of little 'n big
the animals will tell you they are hungry

go as deep into thought chasm as you like, just you wait
you'll beg to see the morning light
a sunrise on the edge of this crevasse
sprinkling sunshine on the days
enlightening the thoughts
so you can see details
while letting the big thought bubble be

enticing all to show a face
to show up walking to the race
that has no end or finish line

he wins who strolls along the ground
he wins who knows what he has found
he wins who knows to make the sound
he wins but does not wear a crown

the thought bubble just floats around.

the springs of the world

the springs of the world
rejoice in bouncing
and we sit on them
enjoying the ride
however bumpy it may be
you'll see me smiling
for this is still
my perfect dream

under all of this
is a vast network
of coiled energy reserves
contracting and expanding
continually, like ripples
rarely seen to be starting
and rarely seen to be ending
unless you are perched on a wall
or throw a stone in the pond
and your life is a boundless sea
of ripples, waves, and undulating water

liquid as the waves demand
as fractals calculate themselves
in timeless rhythms never waiting
always going around & around
reverberating sounds & silence
reflected just as they were found

God In A Skirt

I saw God the other day
in a really short skirt
I talked to God the other day
and she was quite a flirt

She said, "Boy, you know you got it."
and I just stared
She kept trying to tempt me
but I just didn't care

I told her this
I told her that
You just can't fool me
with all that gold in your hat

I told that wench
I know you're there
I know you're here & everywhere
I know you just don't care
and yet I can't resist your stench

And so I turned & walked away
I knew I couldn't stay
yet eveywehre I went, I swayed
from smelling that sweet stench
Oh Sexy, Godly Wench.
You truly are a wretch.

the changing tides

we are all saying similar things
but state them from different points of view
unless this concept is embraced
discussions lead to nothing new
and I, aware, am daunted with the task
of seeing with the changing tides
and rendering these politicians' lying eyes unmasked

this means to start right from the top
to change things at the policy command center
to change the way the players speak the news
instead of twisting all around and leaping
I'll tell them all to stand their ground
to believe what their people believe
to make those voters they rely on proud

accordingly, the change must happen in the crowd
the ones who work the night shift
and the ones with white collars in Suburbia,
they must make a sound
and raise their voices to each other first
and make that mob of ignorance
into a power to be reckoned with

so we can watch the news and not be sick
and then turn off the tube and go to sleep
and go to work, forget about it all.

here goes!

my intention for this blog is for it to facilitate artistic expression. i have been doing creative writing for fun for a few years and i would like to share my work with more people. i enjoy reading my poems to friends, face to face, but it seems like a good idea to have these little slices of inspiration up for anyone who I don't see in person very often (or at all) to read.

gotta give props to brendan d'arcy for encouraging me to do this blog.

hope your stay on this page is enjoyable :)