Tuesday, July 6, 2010

to everyone

To Everyone:

my soul is on fire
my heart is open
pulling to a new place
that's wrapping around you
and expanding within me

my emotional taproots
reaching in each direction
tingling with raw energy
as my reality is embedded into yours
and we are growing upwards now

how long has it been?
how many light years have gone by
since you stepped so easily inside of me
with your smile, a key to every door?

oh tell me, love, aren't we all the dreamer,
conspiring to weave a bed of love from our conceptions
so we may free-fall for eternity, and awaken now,
to the joyful roll of velvet laughter music?

traipsing wildly through skipping avenues,
lurking in the shadows of the Sun,
basking, glowing, and emerging
as children of life's rainbow

(written upon return from Hawai'i, March 2010)

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